An Hour Without Power

March 26, 2011 at 8:30 pm is Earth Hour in Canada. What is Earth Hour? It’s actually an international event that began as a local one in Sydney, Australia in 2007. From there it has spread globally year after year. Last year, 1.3 billion people ranging from 128 countries participated in it. 10 million Canadians in over 300 cities were a part of this.

Why is Earth Hour important? It has been estimated that in the 1970′s humans were using 70% of nature’s yearly output of resources. By the early 1980’s that rose to 100% and in 1999 it topped the scales at 125%. 1999 was 12 years ago … I wonder what percent of nature’s yearly output we’re using today. I find those numbers mind boggling!

It’s our world to shape, not just to take ~ John Abbott

Earth Hour reminds us to think about how we are using and producing energy and what we can do to help make sure we have a sustainable future. Through this wave of darkness that unfolds across the globe, we hope world leaders will stand up and take notice of the message global citizens are sending.

Last year during Earth Hour, many of the students in my class played board games, read by candlelight or found fun activities to play like hide-n-seek. They embraced this hour without power to show their support and I hope this year even more will participate. The tricky bit for us, though, is that next week is Spring Break for our school district. That means I won’t have the opportunity to remind them on the Friday before. So I’m hoping with a little help from the counter above, they will stay committed to seeing Earth Hour through and afterward, numerous comments will appear on this post telling me how they creatively decided to spend this time.

Did you get that Ripplers? Next week, while you are off, check back to this site to see where the countdown is at and after Earth Hour is complete and you have power once more, please leave a comment telling us what you ended up doing for those 60 minutes. I’ll be doing the same to let you know what I was up to. Anyone of readers are welcome to let us know how their Earth Hour went as well.

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11 Responses to “An Hour Without Power”

  1.   Darren Says:

    I’m going to switch off my lights on Saturday, 20:30-21:30. If you have time please visit my blog:

    Our school is also trying to use more water bottles and less plastic bottles from vending machines.

  2.   Hannah Says:

    I’m Hannah from sms21century. Hour Without Power sounds really cool, I think I’ll try it and catch up on some reading :) Come to my blog,

  3.   Lexi Says:

    I think earth hour is a great idea I wonder where it originated from? What I did for earth hour was turned out all the lights in my house and watched a movie. I’m not sure if I should have had the tv on during earth hour though. What did you do for earth hour?

  4.   maddiem2 Says:

    Hi Mrs. Braidwood it is Maddie. I stayed in a Hotel in Ucluelet during Spring Break, but we did turn out the lights and I read in the dark with a flashlight. I think that it is good that people all over the world are doing something for the earth because it is all we have and if we destroy it what are we going to do?

  5.   Allie Says:

    Hi! I did not do Earth Hour this year but I really wanted to. I forgot and I could tell that my family didn’t really want too. I have done Earth Hour once before and I played sharades.I had a lot of fun. What did you do or want to do on earth hour?

  6.   Jennifer Says:

    Hi Mrs.Braidwood,
    My family turned off the power for an hour or too. It was really fun because we used candles and since there was no power we played hide n go seek in the dark. I tripped on a lot of stuff. Did you turn your power off?

  7.   Josee Says:

    Hi Mrs. Braidwood.
    I think that earth hour is a great idea because so many people don’t care about that.

  8.   greg Says:

    I forgot to take part in earth hour but here is what I would have done. I would have read a book or had
    a conversaition with my family.

  9.   Naomi Says:

    Hi Mrs. Braidwood
    I like Earth Hour, I like it so much that I wish that Earth Hour was Earth Day. In that hour with no power I turned off all the lights and I unplugged everything in my house. Then I played board games with my mom for about 1 hour. We forgot that it was Earth Day so we started it 30 minutes late so we ended our hour without power for 30 minutes longer.

  10.   Aiden Says:

    Hi Mrs.Braidwood!
    I forgot to take part in earth hour but if I had taken part I would of turned off all the lights in my house and go outside to do something.

  11.   Jaycee Says:

    hi Mrs. Braidwood!
    I took part in Earth hour after a big feast with my family.
    Although I knew how important Earth Hour was,there was alot of boredom from me and my brother so we went to sleep. LOL =B