Seeing Double …

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We’ve been looking at different types of portraits in art this year, from abstract to realistic ones. Our investigation into self-portraits revealed some interesting facts about our facial proportions that, at times, we’re hard to believe. A few points that could be heard more than once in class were:



  • Yes, your eyes are at the 1/2 way mark of your face
  • Think about how big your forehead would be if your bangs started at the top of your head
  • I know you prefer to draw your nose as a side profile, but a front profile face needs a front profile nose
  • Look at your classmate, your nose really is as wide as the space between your eyes
  • Yes, your ears extend from the middle of your eye level down to the tip of your nose … really they do

It was an interesting challenge dissecting facial features and realizing the interesting proportions that complement each other altogether. In the end, though, Division 1 created an amazing set of self-portraits that captured each of them, appearance and personality-wise.



image:[ H ] Jenny Holma – Vanity (365/175) (2008) by Cea released under a CC Attribution license

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17 Responses to “Seeing Double …”

  1.   Kaylee Says:

    Hello Mrs. Braidwood,
    I learned a lot in that art class. I think everyone did a great job on their portraits. It’s amazing how much they look like us! It is really hard to believe all of those points are true because we are so use to drawing people as cartoon characters.

  2.   Matt Says:

    Hey Mrs. Braidwood,
    I think that this was the best art class we did all year. Even though mine did not look even close to me, It was still really fun. The video was also really funny!

  3.   Destiny Says:

    Hey Mrs. Braidwood,

    Wow! These portraits look amazing! Sure do wish I could of been here during the time when you did them. Then again, I have a really hard time drawing even the simplest of things. I like what you did with the paper bags, drawing on them so you could put the bag over your head like it was your real face.

    Once in my grade five class we drew portraits of our classmates. To colour them, we took a very fine tipped marker and drew tiny circles all pressed up against each other. It looked really cool when they were finished, and so do these portraits!

  4.   Celina Says:

    Hi Mrs.Braidwood,
    I learn tons about were your eyes and nose and ears sit on your face. I like how we did poses around the school with our portraits on our heads! I really didn’t want to put my eyes so down low on my face!

  5.   Alex Says:

    Hi Ms. Braidwood
    I found out a bit of stuff that day like eyes are only 1/2 down the face even when I measure the rulers says different but still I also found out that ears are the size of the room between your eye and tip of nose. Although I didnt see much of a resemblance between each person and there cartoon face it seems like lots of people had fun.

  6.   Josee Says:

    Hi Mrs. Braidwood,
    It was hard to get the head a perfect shape, and the eyes aligned in the right spot, but the hardest one for me was understating where all the body parts on your face actually are! Normally when people draw stick men or people the don’t put the eyes in the middle of the head, they put them at the top. In this art class I learned a lot more than art!

  7.   Emma Says:

    Mrs. Braidwood,

    I had lot’s of fun doing that art and I learned some more things I didn’t know. I think the portraits looked a lot like us. I loved the pictures you took of us.

  8.   Liam Says:

    Hi Mrs. Braidwood
    Working on the portraits was fun and I learned a lot about the coordinates of our face. It seams that we all did a great job on our portraits because when the guesses came in from the box most of them were right and accurate.

  9.   Colton Says:

    Hey Mrs.Braidwood

    That art project was fun I can’t believe how realistic they looked that was really cool I can’t wait till the next art project hope it’s fun.

  10.   Kayla Says:

    Hi Mrs. Braidwood
    It’s really hard to believe a lot of the things that I learned in that art class! It was really cool to see how much the portraits actually looked like us! I found it really hard to believe some of things were true. Like your eyes are at the 1/2 way mark of your head and your ears are as big as the space between the bottom of your nose and your eyes.

  11.   Jadein Says:

    Hi Mrs. Braidwood,
    Art is one of the funnest subjects in a school. I like art for it’s many ways of colour and form and just how our the art can look like us, it’s almost creepy. D:

  12.   Madeline Says:

    Hi Mrs. Braidwood,
    I also learned a lot about drawing in that art class. I had fun trying to draw my face and hair to look realistic. It was probably the most difficult (but fun) art class I’ve ever done.

  13.   Pamela Says:

    Hello Mrs.Braidwood,
    I think that The whole class did a GREAT job doing their portraits. I still had a hard time believing my ears go to the length of their nose. Half of the class wanted to make their facial features small so it wouldn’t look that big. I had a lot of fun creating mine and I think the rest of the class did too. Thanks for telling us all the things you need to know about realistic portraits!

  14.   andy Says:

    Dear Mrs.Braidwood
    Even though I was not there when it happened it looked like fun. But I still can’t believe that our ears are as long as the space between our eyes to our noses. I hope you had fun.

  15.   Madolyn Says:

    Hi Mrs. Braidwood,
    I was really surprised with all the portraits and how much they looked like everyone! I even had a hard time figuring out who was who! It’s pretty hard to believe that the way we have been drawing people all along was wrong! I like how in the video everyone is just doing normal everday things!

  16.   Savanna Says:

    Hey Mrs.Braidwood,

    I had so much fun doing those portraits and the contest we had it shows how much people in the school that know what you look like I think everyone did so good on there portraits and they looked just like them.It was a fun art class I learned a lot.

  17.   Mike Says:

    Sup Mrs.Braidwood

    I found this project very difficult but fun at the same time. It was hard because you had to learn all the positions of the face. It was fun though learning about the face and trying to make it look the same as yours. All in all it looked really good in the end.