What do we want our classroom to look like?

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As we get to know each other in the class, the Ripplers have been figuring out what we’d like our classroom learning environment to look like. To do this, students started out with 10 Creative Commons images that were selected from Flickr. They were asked to think about the ways each one could be connected back to our classroom. There were so many fantastic ideas! It’s always so interesting to see how a picture can speak to us in different ways. As each picture gathered more thoughts, some common ideas emerged. Below is the result of our efforts and we can begin to see that by following these class agreements, we can create a pretty amazing place for learning.


Ripplers, how are you feeling about our classroom agreements? Are there any that stand out for you more than others? Which ones do you feel might impact your learning the most?

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19 Responses to “What do we want our classroom to look like?”

  1.   Claire Says:

    Hi Mrs. Braidwood. To me, the most important parts are to be ourselves because no one should be able to change us and to include others so they feel welcome in our class and school.

  2.   Kylea Says:

    Hello Mrs. Braidwood,

    I love this video! It was fun thinking of ideas and making connections to the picture that relate back to learning. I really like all the captions. One that stands out the most for me is “We will never be afraid to be ourselves, to stand out and stand up for what we believe is right” To me this phrase is really powerful. I think everyone should be themselves all the time, not be afraid of what other people will think. We should do what we think is right and not be held back by others. I believe these are perfect agreements to make a great class and an awesome year. What saying really stood out for you?

  3.   Jordan Says:

    Hi Mrs.Braidwood,

    I think the class agreements are great! A couple of the things that stand out to me in the agreements are that you need to use teamwork and do your fair share of the work. If nobody did their fair share of the work then the project they are working on will never get done. I think that accepting others opinions and honouring their perspectives even though they’re different will make a big impact on my learning. Which class agreement is the most important to you?

  4.   Danika Says:

    Hi Mrs. Braidwood. I think the one with the one pink and the many purple flowers was the best because I think it means not to judge people and that being different is okay. It might be the best way to be too. Accepting people for who the are is the right thing to do. We are all unique and we should feel great about that. What one did you think stood out the most?

  5.   Ria Says:

    Hi Mrs Braidood,

    I think that the classroom agreements are very good and true. The ones that stand out the most than others are that we will work together to achieve our goals and always do our fair share of work.

  6.   Keira Says:

    Hello Mrs. Braidwood,

    I think that the classroom agreements are fair. Everyone should be accepted for who they are and not for who other people want them to be. I like that agreement best. If we do this then no one will be left out and you can be who you are.

  7.   Tyler Says:

    Hey Mrs. Braidwood,

    I feel that our classroom agreements is a great video that shows us that we can always get things done and to never give up.

    I think that the one that will most impact my learning is that “we will never be afraid to be ourselves, to stand out or stand up for what we believe is right” because even if we do something wrong or bad usually we would learn from our mistakes.

  8.   Emma Says:

    Hi Mrs. Braidwood. I think our classroom agreements are great. The one that stood out for me is the one with the fish because I like how we say we should try our best and that we should never give up. I also like the one with the pink flower and the purple flowers because we are saying that we shouldn’t judge people. Which one of our classroom agreements do you like the best?

  9.   Dawson Says:

    what impacts my learning the most is the difficult challenges

  10.   Dawson Says:

    what impacts my learning the most is the difficult challenges what stands out is the fish going up the stream persevere

  11.   Paolo Says:

    Hi Mrs.Braidwood.

    The one that stands out most for me is the one where they work together. Because if we work together we can accomplish anything.

  12.   Charli Says:

    Hello, Mrs. Braidwood!

    I completely agree with these new classroom rules. I am prepared for an amazing year with new classmates and teachers. I think you did a great job making this slideshow. I really enjoy the way you described and added detail to each of these rules to make sure everyone would understand them. They really match the pictures.My favourite rule in this slideshow would definitely have to be “We will never give up. We will persevere through challenges with determination and the confidence to succeed.” I feel that one rule with impact my learning the most. What made you choose these pictures? Was it easy putting everyone’s opinions together to make these new rules?

  13.   Sky Says:

    hi Mrs.Braidwood the slide that stands out most to me is slide 2 because it say the we will never give up. we will persevere through all challenge that lie ahead (not the exactly what the slide says but that’s what I thought it said)because we will not give up no matter what people put in our way. so here’s my question to you Mrs.Braidwood witch slide was the one that most impacted you.

  14.   Raylen Says:

    Hi Mrs. Braidwood,

    I liked the reasons that you had but the one that stands out to me was when you said that we believe anything is possible and I also liked the picture on it.

  15.   Chad Says:

    Hello Ms. Braidwood,
    the slideshow is very interesting. My favourite one is we will never be afraid to grow as learners and break new ground. Have you ever done this with a previous class?

  16.   Patrick Says:

    Hi Ms. Braidwood.
    I like this slideshow.
    I like first one. International is so hard and lonely but I never give up and keep trying.

  17.   Tristin Says:

    Hi Mrs. Braidwood I think that the class room agreements were awesome. The one thing that stood out the most was we believe anything was possible.

  18.   Seth Says:

    Hi,Mrs. Braidwood the slideshow is very interesting because it shows that we never give up on learning. and it shows that we can be who we want to be.

  19.   Ethan Says:

    I think the one with the fish stands out because you should never give up.