Sometimes … you just have to dance!

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A few years back, I came across a video made by the Gratidudes – two young men who were encouraging others to focus on the positives in our lives and to remember all that we have to be thankful for. Ever since then, I have wanted to create a video with my students to showcase our own Gratitude Dance. This year is finally my year to do this! The Ripplers this year are clearly a grateful bunch, and we set out to do exactly what Brad and Matty suggested:

  1. We each made a list of everything we were individually grateful for
  2. We watched their video
  3. We danced!

If there was a fourth step, I bet it would be: film your gratitude fuelled dancing and share it. So, that’s exactly what we’ve done and in the process, I was able to accomplish a long-time goal.


I definitely get the feeling that this year’s group of Ripplers are mighty thankful because they all found something to dance about. Perfect timing for Thanksgiving, too. Division 2, now’s your chance to fill our audience in on  all the positives you have in your lives.

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26 Responses to “Sometimes … you just have to dance!”

  1.   Jordan Says:

    Hi Mrs. Braidwood,

    I loved the video it looks amazing! I think everyone’s grateful for something. A few things I’m thankful for are: family, friends, being in a place where I’m not struggling to survive, and being able to get an education which I know not everyone can have.

  2.   Ria Says:

    Hello Mrs. Braidwood,
    There are lots of things I’m grateful for but the main things I am truly grateful for are having a place to live, a family, to go to so many places, to have friends,to have clothes and to have food and water. I think I was grateful for these things the most because some of the things I’ve just mentioned are things other people don’t have and they want to have. What are you grateful for and why?

  3.   Danika Says:

    Hey Mrs. Braidwood,

    I agree, a lot of people don’t know how much they have. They think of how much they don’t have. I am grateful for a lot of things, but here are just a few:
    1.My family (They take care of me)
    2. My dog (She plays with me)
    3. My home (It keeps me warm)
    4. School (So I can learn)
    5. Grass (So I can play soccer)

    Do you think of the positive or the negative?

  4.   Chad Says:

    Hi Ms. Braidwood,
    I like the video. I am Grateful for my family, pets, food, clean water, place to live, education, Freedom and fresh Air. Did you enjoy making the post?

  5.   Paolo Says:

    Hi Mrs.Braidwood.

    I’m grateful for my life. I’m also grateful to have a
    house and a family. Because some people don’t have any of this.

  6.   Emma Says:

    Hi Mrs. Braidwood,
    It was really fun making the video and watching it. Here are some things I’m grateful for.

    1. Family and friends
    2. Good environment
    3. Clean water
    4. My house
    5. Food
    6. Clothes
    7. School
    8. Electronics
    9. Proper living space
    10. Good parent’s

    Those are the top ten things I’m grateful for. What did you think about our dance video?

  7.   Ethan Says:

    I’m grateful for the food, my computer, stuff to play with, my iPod, a house to live in.

  8.   kolby Says:

    Hi Mrs. Braidwood,

    I was not there for the dance but I’m grateful for my family, my friends, my house, for my roof over my head, for my school, all the food that my mom buys for my sister and I, and for everything else in my life.

  9.   Keira Says:

    Hello Mrs. Braidwood

    It was fun doing the dance. Everyone did a good job at it.

    I’m thankful for…

    1. My life
    2. My cat and dogs
    3. My family
    4. Food
    5. Clothes
    6. Electronics
    7. School
    8. Proper living space
    9. Friends
    10. Clean water
    11. Good parents
    12. A good family

    That’s my top 12. There are many more things. What are you grateful for?

  10.   Tyler Says:

    Hey Mrs. Braidwood

    I’m grateful for being able to live under a roof, for having clean water, and good food to eat. I had a great Thanksgiving I went to my grandma and my grampa’s house and had a turkey dinner.

  11.   jaiden Says:

    I’m grateful for my family, friends, and my life. I have a huge family that loves me and cares for me. I am also thankful for my computer, my bed and my house.

  12.   Tristin Says:

    Hi Mrs. Braidwood. I liked the video. I am grateful for freedom, food, clean water, family, and an education.

  13.   Claire Says:

    Hi Mrs. Braidwood.
    There are so many things in my life that I am grateful for. I am extremely grateful for my family, food, water, my big house, my toys, all of the vacations I go on, living in Canada which is a non violent country, my school, and having fresh air wherever I go. A lot of people don’t have all of these great things that I do so I am very grateful for them.

    What are a few things that you are grateful for?

  14.   Kaisha Says:

    Hi Mrs. Braidwood,
    I love the video and it was fun making it here is my list
    1 my life
    2 my house
    3 food in my house
    4 a good life
    5 school
    6 clothes
    7 my family
    8 Friend’s
    9 peaces in my life
    10 good people in my life
    11 water
    12 electricity
    13 nice teachers
    14 amazing people in my life and around me(:

    I can do more but I have to go what is important in your life? :)

  15.   Charli Says:

    Hi, Mrs. Braidwood!

    This is a truly awesome video. It was so fun doing the Gratitude Dance with all my piers. While I was dancing I thought of everything I was really grateful for and it just put a big smile on my face. Here’s a few things I was grateful for while doing the Gratitude Dance!

    #1 Family to love

    #2 Friends to cherish

    #3 A house to live in

    #4 Food to eat

    #5 An amazing and peaceful Country

    #6 A school to learn from

    These few things are very important to me because some people don’t have them, and I don’t know what I’d ever do without them. What would you do if you had to live without a house, friends, an education, or family? Do you think it would be hard?

  16.   Darian Says:

    The video you made was awesome it was fun to do and we should make another one. I am grateful for having a school to learn at,a family that provides me with a home,food and love.

  17.   Jackson Says:

    The gratitude dance was awesome and so cool. We had fun making the video. I’m grateful that I have food to eat, toys to play with, and family that take care of me.

  18.   Kylea Says:

    Hello Mrs. Braidwood,
    I really enjoyed watching this video, it’s really funny and cheery. I think will easily put a smile on someones face. Here are 10 things that I’m grateful for.

    1. Having great friends.
    2. I’m grateful for living in a proper environment.
    3. I’m happy for having a great family.
    4. For my pets.
    5. Electronics.
    6. Food
    7. Clothes
    8. School
    9. Clean water.
    10.Proper living space.

    Those are some things I’m grateful for. What were you thinking when you were dancing in the video?

  19.   temwa Says:

    Hello:) Jaiden showed me the video the class made and I have to be honest it was the best part of my day! What a huge smile it brought to my face, great work Div. 2 – thanks for sharing your joy and awesome dancing skills:)

  20.   dawson Says:

    i am grateful for my

    my family my
    my mom and dad
    my xbox
    my brothers

  21.   Aliyah Says:

    funky dance!
    My names Aliyah, I’m a blogger my self you guys now fun!
    I also love dancing, do you?

  22.   Quinn Says:

    Hello Mrs.Braidwood,
    My name is Quinn. I am in Mrs.Smith’s grade 6/7 class. I liked your video. I think it was cool. The kids looked happy. I am grateful for my mother, my dad, my brother and for having food. Goodbye


  23.   Ryan & Travis Says:

    Hey Mrs. Braidwood’s class!

    What an awesome video. You guys are some great dancers!

    One thing that we’re grateful for, is that we also had the opportunity to be in Mrs. Braidwood’s class for 2 years, and it was amazing. You guys do some fun, awesome things in this class. Be fortunate! :) Keep it up!

  24.   Patrick Says:

    Hi Ms. Braidwood.
    I think this video is good because it shows me a what to do at thanksgiving. Here is some things that I’m grateful for.
    1.My family!
    2.we can eat many food
    3.My friends.

  25.   Paolo Says:

    1.My family.
    2.My friends.
    3.My video games.
    4.My scooter.
    5.My soccer.
    6.My life.
    7.My home.
    8.My school.
    9.My class.

  26.   Mr Webb and Room Five, Melville Intermediate, New Zealand Says:

    Mrs Braidwood
    What a great idea for your class to do and what a great way to publish something outstanding for your students. We’ll look forward to seeing the finished dance and great idea for your students to list everything.
    Mr Webb and Room Five, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.