A Full Cast of Characters

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Some pretty interesting individuals showed up to class yesterday, and a wide range of personalities shone through making the day both memorable and full of fun. So, without further ado, I’d like to introduce ….

and …
Little did we know what was still in store for us. Suddenly, we were faced with …
and …
But you’ll all be relieved to know we survived, although it was a close call when …
The scariest was still to come, though. The unimaginable happened next. Yes, it’s true. Suddenly, we were face to face with …
But, luck was definitely on our side before things really got out of hand.
We also quickly realized that …
Knowing we were in good hands – with whatever or whoever crossed our path – was comforting. In fact, our halls were bursting with superheroes.
We were reassured to know that we could always count on back up, and surprisingly, things actually started to settle down by lunch, but then ….. things got a little weird when this lady showed up!
Thankfully, she and her attitude didn’t stick around for long and we were able to continue with our afternoon festivities. With so much imagination and a whole lot of smiles, nothing and no one was going to get in the way of us enjoying our day together!
In any case, that was my take on the day. How about you, Ripplers? What stood out for you yesterday?


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5 Responses to “A Full Cast of Characters”

  1.   Kylea Says:

    Hello Mrs. Braidwood,
    I had to admit that was a pretty amazing halloween, inside and outside of school. I was very surprised that so many people in our class wore a custom to school, or just drew whiskers on their face as an alternative, but at least they participated! I thought it was really unique how you reversed your costume, I had never seen that before. It’s really hard to pick what stood out for me because the whole day was sooooooo much fun. But I think it was the grade 6-7 halloween dance. It was fun hanging out with my friends and being weird. What was your favourite part of the day?

  2.   Emma Says:

    Hi Mrs. Braidwood,
    When I came to school on Thursday I saw a lot of interesting costumes.Then when I came into class it was funny how some people were dressed as the same thing. After lunch when the other teacher showed up and gave the class a lot of work to do most of us were confused. Then when we found out it was a joke it was pretty funny. I really enjoyed the day. I can’t really pick one thing that stood out for me cause a few things did like all the costumes and jokes we had that day. What was the best part about Thursday for you?

  3.   Paolo Says:

    Hi Mrs.Braidwoods.

    What stood out for was the dance. Me and my friends made are own dance. and we won a gummy bracelet. It was fun. What also stood our for me was the haunted house. It was really cool.

  4.   Seth Says:

    Hi,Mrs.Braidwood all of the costumes were awesome especially the 11 year old that was amazing i would have never been that

  5.   Claire Says:

    Hey Mrs. Braidwood. Halloween really was a super fun day! The whole day was fun with the parade, the haunted house, and the dance. My favourite thing was probably the haunted house. It freaked me out every time somebody grabbed my ankle as I was crawling. At the end there was somebody’s hand hanging down right in front of me! I was a little bit scared but I felt better at the end because we got candy! I also thought that it was funny that 4 people in the class were the scream. I think it is great that so many kids and teachers dressed up and got in to the Halloween spirit. I thought that we had a great Halloween at school. Did you like your can can costume or your mean teacher costume better? What was your favourite part of the day?