A New Challenge

flower_bloomThe Spring 2010 Blogging Challenge has begun and we are set to embark on a new adventure! When we began the last one in the Fall, we were blogging neophytes. We only had the beginnings of a class blog, but soon students earned their own blogs and we were off and running.

After 5 months, blogging has become a regular part of our class life. The individual and class benefits keep rolling in and we love reading comments from other classes around the world. Exploring other class and student blogs involved in the Challenge has also encouraged us to make new connections. If you are new to visiting our blog you can use the tabs up above to learn more about us on our About Division 2 page and access links to the most recent student posts on our Ripples in the making page.

Division 2 Ripplers, please follow the link to the Blogging Challenge site to learn more about your first task. This time around, you are considered veteran bloggers so make sure you are reading the instructions in the correct section of the post. Follow each of the steps carefully.

image: – 11 days┬átill Spring by silkegb through Creative Commons license

4 thoughts on “A New Challenge

    • Thanks Ms. Riddle. It’s been fun watching our flag counter grow. Thanks for visiting and leaving your address so we can visit yours as well.

  1. G’day Ripplers,
    On your blogroll, you have my class linked with last year’s link. I am no longer using that blog as I am teaching ICT to all the grade 6/7s at our school this year. So we have a blog with all of them on the sidebar.

    Could you please change the link to http://sormid67.edublogs.org