And onto the next one …

myhero2_sqThis week we are doubling up on our challenges so we can stay on pace with Mrs Wyatt’s 2010 Spring Blogging Challenge. For the second challenge, students were asked to create an avatar to represent themselves. Lucky for us, we’ve already done this! Wait though …. this doesn’t mean this challenge is complete …

Now, some of you may want to make a new avatar which is fine providing you don’t use up too much of your class time. This may actually be a great activity to do at home so you can save your lab time for other work. If you visit the blog post for Challenge 2, you’ll find a number of sites you can use. Some, however, are not available to you because of your age so please respect this. Remember there are also links available for this activity in our Virtual Classroom Community in Moodle.

When you have saved your avatar, please find it and save a copy in the Share drive. Part of my challenge this week is to make a movie of all of the class avatars and attach it to one of our posts, so I need a copy of each of yours. There is a folder on this drive called “avatars” inside the folder “2010_BloggingChallenge” which is inside the “2010_Braidwood folder”. Please save your avatar in here and make sure your name is in the file name. E.g. avatar_MrsB.jpg

Next, you need to upload your avatar as “Your Avatar” and your “Blog Avatar”. This is different than what we have done so far. Right now, each of you has a personal avatar that shows up when you are commenting. If you are changing this, click on “Users” and the “Your Avatar” and upload a new image. Remember if the “Upload” button isn’t cooperating then try clicking “Alternative Upload” instead. For your blog avatar, this time, click on “Settings” and then “Blog Avatar”. Browse for your file and upload it. It’s perfectly fine to have the same avatar in both locations. 

Hold on … almost done. For the last part of this challenge, you will need to visit the Challenge 2 post and read the veterans instructions. There are a few steps to follow so please make sure you read them all.

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