A Window Into Our World

windowCompleting Challenge 3 will be somewhat like providing your readers with a window into the Comox Valley. It’s all about showcasing where you live so others can “see” what the most interesting and fascinating features of your community are. We live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth! So this should be a snap, right?

What I love about this challenge is that there are several ways that you can complete it. We also have a head start on it because of the posts we created to celebrate US National Trivia Day (yes, we’re from Canada, but we thought it would be fun) and our responsibilities with the Bringing Us Together blog.

Read through the Week 3 challenge and decide if:

  • you’d like to add 1 or more of the suggested widgets to your blog besides the flag counter you already have on your site
  • you want to explore another option and find pictures of the Valley in Flickr or take some of your own around town (or on the mountain) and create an Animoto video to share them with your readers
  • you’d rather choose to write a post identifying the “must see” attractions in the Comox Valley and/or on Vancouver Island

You may do one, two or all three depending on how motivated you are to let others know about the fantastic place you live in!

If you choose Option 1 or 2, you will need to create a post to let your readers know about the great information they can now access on your blog. Option 3 is already a post, so you’ll already be sharing this. Also, to help others learn a bit more about Canada, link back to your trivia questions post. It’ll be fun to see if your visitors can answer these.

image: window to a secret place by Grant MacDonald released under an Attribution – NonCommercial license

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