Giving the Environment a Voice

Earth_handsThe Week 4 Challenge is all about the environment. March is filled with days set aside to reflect on Earth’s great resources and how we are using them. In April, we come across Earth Day as well. This week, Miss Wyatt is inviting each of you to create a post about one of these special days and like Challenge 3, there are many different ways that you can complete this. Here are a few of the days that were mentioned in the Week 4 Challenge post:


  • Sunday March 21 – World Forestry Day
  • Monday March 22 – World Water Day
  • Tuesday March 23 – World Meteorological Day
  • Saturday March 27 – Earth Hour – Global

    Your first responsibility is to visit this week’s challenge post and carefully read the instructions.  We’re still trying to get caught up with all of them, so spend your time wisely. It would be great to start Challenge 5 on time!

    Another great resource and well worth the time to explore on the topic of water is a site recently established by the National Film Board of Canada called Water Life. There are loads of interactive features here and while it takes a bit to figure out all that you can comment on, the information you can access in here is pretty amazing.

    Remember to link your post back to the original Challenge 4 post to indicate you have officially completed it once its published.

    image: Its Future is in our Hands – Live Earth by aussiegall under an Attribution license

    2 thoughts on “Giving the Environment a Voice

    1. Hi, I’m Ramses that’s not my real name it’s my avatar’s name. I have an avatar name, because we’re not allowed to use our real name. Anyways I think it’s a really good idea to turn off the lights for an hour every year I think it’s also not that bad to turn off the lights for an hour. There’s a lot of fun things to do with out the lights on. I am defienetly going to turn off the lights for an hour. Are you?

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