Hold onto your hat … You’re about to enter the Ripple zone …

superhero_kidTo complete the first challenge in the class blog section of the 2010 Blogging Challenge, we need to fill our new and returning readers in on why it would beneficial to visit our blog often.

So what’s so special about our blog? Students in our class, we call them Ripplers, have been thinking about exactly this question. This one question, in fact, could be broken down into 4 simpler ones?

  • What will you find here?
  • What does our blog offer other people?
  • What might  teachers gain from visiting?
  • What might interest other students?

Mrs. Wyatt mentioned that some classes used wallwisher for this Challenge to explain the benefits of their blogs. What a terrific idea! We’ve been looking for an opportunity just like this one to experiment with it, so we jumped at the chance. To find out more about what The Ripple Effect can offer, please visit our 27 Reasons for Visiting our Blog – one reason supplied by each student in our class.

… but before you go we have a small favour to ask …

If we convince you to stay and explore for a while, we’d like to know if it’s because of a different reason than the ones we’ve mentioned. If you feel we have missed a reason for others to visit and read our blog, we invite you to add yours to our wallwisher wall as well. We’re hoping our 27 reasons turns into 27+!

 image: my odd little man, I mean superheroby massdistraction under a CC Attribution – Non-Commercial – No Derivatives license

6 thoughts on “Hold onto your hat … You’re about to enter the Ripple zone …

  1. Dear Ripplers,

    I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts! The writing is outstanding, the images are fantastic, and the conversations in the comment sections are quite good!

    I just added my thoughts to your WallWisher! 🙂

    My class is in the Challenge Yourself to Blog project with you. We just put up a WallWisher as well. (Our fist attempt at one!) It is an Earth Day WallWisher. We’d like to invite you to visit our blog and perhaps leave a pledge.

    Mrs. Yollis’ Classroom Blog

    Your blogging buddies,
    Mrs. Yollis and her students

    • Thanks for adding to our wall Mrs. Yollis. My students have been enjoying your blog posts as well. We’ll be sure to visit your Earth Day WallWisher and let you know what we’re doing to positively impact our environment!

  2. Dear Ripplers,

    I’m a third grader from Mrs. Yollis’ class. You have a really cool blog! Using a WallWisher is a good way to list things about your blog. After this I am going to write something on your WallWisher. 🙂


  3. Dear Ripplers,

    Hi I’m Paul from Mrs. Yollis’class.

    I think your WallWisher is great! We have one about Earth Day to tell about the things we should do on that day.

    We hope you like our blog. We like yours!


  4. I am just about to add thoughts to the Wall Wisher, but I have to say I love the way that the blog is set out and I like the fact that your class is involved in the Blogging Challenge. Our students learn the most about other countries and students by looking on class sites, places that they don’t know much about, and Canada is defiantly one based on our brainstorm at the end of last term, so it quite literally makes the world smaller and our students global citizens!