What’s Happening on the Internet?

It can be difficult to imagine how vast the Internet really is. We’re often caught up in our local circles of social networking and email, so we’re not always thinking how much bigger the Internet is than us. Now a great many of us know it’s a world wide phenomen (largely because we know www = world wide web), but once you’re reminded of all that goes on in a second, a minute, an hour, or even more it makes you take a second look at what you are a part of. It’s not the cozy little online network you thought it was and the need to be Interent savvy becomes that much more apparent once it’s all put into perspective.

What surprised you the most with this social media counter? Did you click on “1 day” or “1 month” to see how the numbers change? When you watch the counter numbers add up quickly, does it make you think of your time on the Internet and what you spend time doing there? Has it prompted you to make any changes about how you act online?

43 thoughts on “What’s Happening on the Internet?

  1. It’s amazing how many people
    are on the internet at one time.
    I noticed how fast the numbers change.
    I spend almost 3 hours
    a day on Youtube.

  2. This didn’t suprise me much at all because we saw something like this last year. I checked out 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, and also 1 year. When I saw counters like this last year, it did make me change the way I acted online. I had gone to websites like my Facebook and changed some of my personal settings as well.

  3. Wow that is a lot of people on the the internet,
    plus a lot of money being spent on video games instead of actual needs. I don’t spend much time on the internet and the only website I go on is Facebook.

  4. When i first clicked on seconds i thought is was amazing how fast it went up per second. Then i clicked on year and saw how much emails where sent and it was over 90 trillion, and those blog post were at 330 million. You cant even delete anything cause once a post or comment is on the internet it will never come off!!!!

    • @Eli

      You know how you said nothing gets deleted? That’s because if you search something on a search engine, particularly Google, there is comething under the link that says “Cached”. For example, you post up a new website, the Google scanners quickley scan your site and it is saved right away. So if you click on Cached that is the last scan that it did.

  5. I was really surprised when I read your post. It was changing so fast! It could be any one around the world. WOW! You don’t think about that kind of stuff when you are online.

  6. Yes it does change my thinking about the internet I never knew it was that big and i didnt think it whent up that fast so now i know i have to be careful on the WORLD WIDE INTERNET!

  7. Wow! That is a lot of people. I think everyone should be careful on the internet. Everyone around the world can see your comment or any thing.

  8. I was very suprised at the social media counter! Were you suprised? I clicked on 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, and 1 year and I found the large numbers very intresting. How about you, did you find the numbers intresting? It makes me think about my time on the internet alot! I might make some changes to what I do on the internet but I will continue being careful!

  9. Watching all numbers go higher and higher is really suprising because, once you put pictures or comments. on you can’t take it off. So all those websites have uncountable things that people later on, can or will regret later. Reading and watching this made me not want to go on the computer much becasue of how many people can read what I say or what I post. What do you think about how many people upload pictures and comment?

  10. When I saw all those numbers go up I thought about what people do on the internet like facebook and how many people can see your information. What suprised me the most was all the e-mails sent globally and how many people do that monthly. This made me think about how many people can read what I post.

  11. Hi Mrs.Braidwood,
    Yes i did click on every one of the “NOW” “1 DAY” “1 WEEK” “1 MONTH” “1 YEAR” and i didn’t know that there is so much money being spent on everything that people don’t need and other people may not know but most of the time is you are on facebook there are alot of people that are trying to sell things to you and they end up saying “no” but the people won’t take “no” for an awnser and they will give you false advertisement and not many people have the will power to keep saying “no”!!! I act “responsibily” online!

  12. I think that you are right,most people do not realise how much bigger the Internet really is because most people are on it everyday all the time.I do not spend that much time on the internet at home only at school because we do not have the Internet.

  13. Hi Mrs. Braidwood!
    What thi post really reminded me about was from last year when you showed us something sort of like it! It’s amazing to know what people are doing on the internet. I just clicked on 1 day and it was already up to the thousands, IT’S CRAZY! …Then when I clicked on a month and then a year I just couldn’t believe what it got up to!

  14. I was surprised of all the people on the computer at the same time. Then I looked at the social media counter and I thought I was the only one on the computer.The use of the comments on the online world i think u should always think before u post.

  15. I can’t believe how many people can so many things on the internet. Once in a year we will have so many people sending emails globally. That is pretty amazing.

  16. Wow that’s alot of people, where did you get the chart?
    It didn’t realy change the way I see the internet.

  17. I was surprised to see how many people are on internet in a day and to see how many people are buying ipads all around the world. There are billions of people on then internet. Facebook is super big because people around the world are going on non stop. So you have to be very careful on the internet.

  18. What surprised me was that there was more than 100 thousand on every social media network. It does make me think what I’m doing on the internet and when there are more than 100 thousand people are online.

  19. Hello Mrs. Braidwood and Mrs. Braidwood’s class,

    I’m no the first to say it but that is crazy. It’s amazing to see how much stuff is going on here on the internet, I mean I knew there was stuff happening but the way people are buying or writing it’s an amazing number that happens in just several seconds. I wonder how many blogs are made every day? Or how many comments appear on blogs? Even how many iPods are sold? I also wonder how you can update that considering all of those numbers are there. Do you have any personal experience with these before? Did you know that there was several miilion email sent in several seconds before you saw this?

  20. 1 million youtube videos watched in 87 seconds!!!!! I knew there was a lot of people watching youtube… But not this much! How long are you usually on the internet? I’m on about 4-5 hours a day on weekends.

    bye for now, Max 😀

    • Great question Max! I’m on the computer a lot, but not always on the Internet. I end up spending quite a bit of time using it to get my lessons ready and then I also spend some time connecting with friends. I also take university courses that are online, so I have to spend time completing assignments and contributing to online discussions. On most nights, I’m probably on for about 3-4 hours, but I try to make sure I add in extra time off the computer if I feel I’ve been doing that for a few days in a row. I’m curious to find out what other people’s answers will be.

  21. hi, it’s Maya it is really cool how fast the numbers change! where did you get it maybe I could put it on my blog when I get it

    The awesome huzzain Maya

    • Hi Maya. If you look on the bottom of the counter there is the blog address where I got the counter from. If you click on it, you will find it there and Gary Hayes also has the embed code in the same place for people to use as well.

    • Hi Connor. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you’re enjoying high school so far. What did you think about all those numbers changing in the counter so quickly?

      Come back and visit us again soon.

  22. We saw something like this last year, didn’t we? This suprised me once again! I am very happy that I’m in your class Mrs. Braidwood, because you teach us the best out of all teachers on how to be savvy on the web!

  23. This really put the human race into perspective. All breeds of disasters are happening around the world, and here we are whittling our time here on Earth away playing with imaginary friends on WOW.

    • The numbers are astonishing aren’t they Noah? People can become quite consumed with what the Internet offers us. I know I’m guilty of sometimes being sucked into the Internet vortex and not realizing how much time has gone by. I do think that there are positive consequences that come from being online as well. Because of the Internet, people have access to much more information about the world and news from the disasters you mentioned is communicated globally with greater speed. Before the Internet was really established, it took a lot longer for news to reach people which meant it took longer before people jumped into action to help. It’s good to put things into perspective though and for all of us to look at how we are contributing to those numbers you saw above.

  24. I can’t believe how much stuff is going on in the internet. Why do so many people have to be more green like why would someone pay $1,300 on a gift for facebook.

    see you later

    • Hi Orion,

      The counter is adding up all the gifts that are bought online within that time. Each gift on facebook is usually $1.00. If the counter said $1300, then that means 1300 gifts were bought in that time.

      Your comment made we think a little more about buying online. I wonder if purchasing something on the Internet is really greener. It’s easier, but does it help the environment? It saves gas and limits the pollution from my car if I drove to the mall instead, but in order to get my package to me by mail or courier might actually produce more pollution and use more gas. What if I purchased something from a company who shipped from Florida or Texas? My package would need to be transported to an airline to get here by airmail, or maybe it would be sent on a bus. Either way it’s travelling a lot farther to get to me than it would if I went to the mall or even to another Island community to buy it. What are your thoughts about that Orion?

  25. I can’t believe how many people are on the internet posting emails and blog comments at one time, with millions of emails sent globally in seconds.

  26. I clicked on one month and I was absolutely amazed at how many emails were sent. It was CRAZY! I wonder why the emails are sent more then anything else? I guess people love emailing so much. The numbers go up so fast! There are alot of people on the cumputer. WOW! From, Katelyn.:)

  27. I clicked on 1 year and I was absolutely amazed! It is crazy how many members join facebook, or how many iphone apps are downloaded yearly. But what surprised me the most was how many E-mails were sent globally! there were about a billion E-mails!

    I guess people love e-mailing, Isure do; It is a great way to contact friends!
    From Isabella

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  30. the amount of iPads and iPhones sold really suprised me. Also the amount of blog posts. If you add that up to 1 person, that’s a ton.


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