Are You Stepping Lightly?

footprintsMost of the instructions in this post have been cross-posted directly from the Challenge Yourself to Blog site

Looking at Challenge 2 this week, you have completed most of the activities under the “Heads” option. By now you should have your avatar uploaded and attached to your username in edublogs. If you haven’t yet, and I know there are a few of you, then stop reading this now and go to your dashboard User widget to upload your avatar!

Phew … if you’re reading this next part it must mean you have an avatar uploaded now. Wait! You still don’t? Then, reread the paragraph above and come back when you are done!

OK … now that you have an avatar attached to your blogging username, make sure you have also saved a copy in the 2010_Braidwood folder called Avatars. Your name needs to be part of the file name, something like yourname_avatar.

Now, you can finally move on to Activity 4, the “Feet” option, which will help you learn more about your digital footprint. Miss Wyatt has found a great video to help explain the online trail of breadcrumbs you may inadvertently leave about your life. I’ve embedded it below so you can watch it here.

After watching this and thinking about your own digital dossier, your task is to write a post about the digital footprint you are currently leaving. In your post, reflect on:

  • What sites have you become a member of? Registered for? Bought items at?
  • How much information did you give them when you joined?
  • Have you filled in more than the *asterisk questions?

Remember to add some personal thoughts in your answers to these questions and when you are writing think of how you would begin explaining this to a friend. Avoid using large parts of the question in your sentences unless you are sure this is how you would word your answers in a conversation.

Next, Google your name or nickname but include our town in your search as well. In your post, explain what you find. If you are found in a search, how did your name get there? Is it a surprise?

How many cookies or footprints are you leaving behind? Are you comfortable with this amount? What will you do to minimize your current digital dossier?

Remember to creatively embedded a link to Challenge 2 in your post. Have fun exploring your impact. I’m looking forward to hearing your responses!

image: Footprints by Matt_McL released under a CC Attribution – Noncommercial – Share Alike license

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