We Believe in the Power of WE!

We have an amazing opportunity in front of us! The Ripplers are heading to We Day this year and it’s pretty difficult to contain our excitement about it. Stemming from the Me to We movement sparked by the non-profit organization Free the Children, there are several We Day events all across Canada. In each location, the efforts of young people, who are dedicated to learning about social issues and being the change they want to see in this world, are recognized and celebrated.

In a single day we will get a chance to hear:

We will also get the chance to see Hedley, Shawn Desman, and Down With Webster perform. Incredible as that is, additions to this line-up are expected to be announced in the coming days. As part of our preparation to go, we have learned the We Day dance that was chorepgraphed by Shawn Desman to one of his own songs, Night Like This. At some point during this event, he will perform it and the arena will erupt into a sea of dancers.

This past week, we learned that we could enter a contest to potentially win a chance to dance on stage while he performs or the possibility of a dance party at our school with him present. How could we turn that opportunity down? Well, we didn’t. Our original idea to record our class dancing in the gym quickly evolved into a music video and luckily we have a really cool principal who agreed to play a role in it. We’re pretty pleased with what we created. Have fun watching it and wish us luck!



Ripplers … what are your thoughts on our video making process? Did one part of it stand out in your mind more than others? What are your thoughts on attending We Day? What do you hope to get out of the experience?


An Attitude of Gratitude

Today, it’s Thanksgiving in Canada. Schools are closed – so are many of the businesses in town. It is a day set aside each year on the second Monday of October to recognize all that we are grateful for. Sometimes we can get caught up in thinking about all we do not have, but as Division 1 is learning there are people all over this world who dream of having a life like ours. We need to remember that.

Although I hope we are thankful every day for all we have,  since it’s Thanksgiving please take a moment and share your reasons for gratitude. We’d love to hear them.

One last suggestion from the Gratidudes … take some time out of your day to do the gratitude dance – it’s a pretty great feeling. Don’t know what this is? Watch the video below and find out!


image: Turkey Lurkey! by Sugar Daze (f/k/a LittleMissCupcakeParis)released under a CC Attributions – No Derivative Works license


A Taste of Tasmania

At the end of September, we had a surprise visit from Miss Wyatt, creator of the Student Blogging Challenge! She had traveled to North America and up the coast from California to Vancouver Island from Tasmania, a state in Australia. We were one of two classes in our district that she stopped by – the other being Huzzah!

Lucky for us, we were just heading to the computer lab when she arrived, which gave her the chance to introduce us to Mr. Davo Devil, the Tasmanian Devil mascot that was accompanying her on her trip, and his blog outlining their adventures. Knowing that Miss Wyatt had a day to explore our beautiful island the next day, the Ripplers offered her several great suggestions on what to do and see. We were happy to hear she was able to visit a number of our museums and drive up to Mount Washington to see the amazing scenery there.

Before she left, she treated us to a number of souvenirs from Tasmania that have helped us learn more about her home … including Vegemite!

Our taste testing experience a few days later created quite a stir in our class, but I am very pleased to announce that everyone gave it a fair shot. When trying a new food, we often jump to conclusions based on the look, smell, and texture even before it hits our taste buds. It can be difficult to keep an open mind when it is unlike anything you’ve had before.


So …. what was the verdict?

Well, I liked it. In fact, I’ve had more since! I wasn’t alone either.




These three really liked it and kept asking for more. I think they topped out on a combined total of 27 crackers with Vegemite spread on them.

This group didn't care for it at all. They agreed it must be an acquired taste, but one they weren't too interested in acquiring just yet.

This was the "Meh ..." group. They could take it or leave it. It wasn't their favourite, but it wasn't the worst they've tasted. Some of them might have even already forgotten what it tasted like by the time this picture was taken.


And then there were there the opportunistic ones looking to make a buck …


Despite being in the "Dislike" or "Meh..." group, these individuals agreed that they would gladly eat more Vegemite if someone paid them $1. It didn't take much to sway them, did it? I'm actually thinking they liked it more than they let on.

... and then there were these two who were in a category of their own. For $5 each they said they'd eat the whole tube of Vegemite. We haven't taken them up on this offer ...... yet.


Thank you to Miss Wyatt for presenting us with such a fantastic opportunity to try something new and learn. We look forward to connecting with her again online and reading more about Mr. Davo’s adventures through the rest of Canada and the United States. Happy travels!